gotranscript audio test answers with Audio Complete quiz 100% correct 2018


Complete quiz 100% correct 

1) Choose the correct form for full verbatim:

Answer:- a) I-I-I don’t think this is c-c-correct.

2) How will you mark something that you can’t quite distinguish in the audio file?

Answer:-b) [unintelligible 00:01:50]

3) The client requires time stamping every two minutes. You need to transcribe the 10-20 minute part of the audio. Where do you start time stamping?

Answer:-a) [00:10:00]

4) Can you guess the word if you are not 100% sure what was spoken?

Answer:-a) No

5) What is the correct answer of 2+2*3+2*2+4=?

Answer: 16

6) If a client requires timestamping on speaker change, which format would that be?

Answer:- (c) [00:10:53] Interviewer:

7) Choose the correct form:

Answer:-(c) She walked up to him and said, “What’s your name?”

8) How will you mark something that you can’t hear in the audio file?

Answer:-(b) (inaudible 00:01:50)

9) If a client requests timestamping every two minutes, how would it look?

Answer:-(a) [00:02:00]

10) Are speaker tags required everytime when speaker changes?

Answer:-( b) Everytime

11) Which speaker label is correct?

Answer:-(c) Speaker 1:

12) Which text format is this, “The text is transcribed exactly as it sounds and includes all the utterances of the speakers. ”?

Answer: b) full verbatim

13) Which text format is this “The transcribed text does not include speech errors, false starts and various filler words, such as: um, uh, hmm, so, you know, sort of, etc.”

Answer: b) clean verbatim
14) Timestamping time format must be:

Answer:b) [00:00:00] (always in bold)

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